Advancing Health and Wellness in the Community through Practice and Community Advocacy

People sleep better at night with the knowledge that they have a resident doctor with the expertise and impetus to heal, orientate and enhance health and wellness. Doc Honeycutt is a passionate and dedicated board certified Doctor of Naturopathy based in Charlotte North Carolina who works tirelessly to offer healing and happiness to her community.

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Dedicated towards the provision of an integrated approach to healthcare, Dr. Honeycutt incorporates conventional medical practices along with alternative healing methods to alleviate suffering and improve on the quality of life. Her practice is therefore a holistic merge of practices ranging from natural medicine, nutrition, lifestyle therapies, homeopathy, supplements to, natural childbirth methods and various therapies. Her wealth of experience qualifies her to handle these vast aspects and her patients appreciate her aptitude of combining mainstream and alternative medicine for their health and wellness.

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Dr Honeycutt understands that no one method can be generalized in healthcare because each individual is unique with peculiar problems. Her vast training thus gives her special tools and resources to handle the different predicaments that might be plaguing her clients and patients. She is an endearing family practitioner with a warm bedside manner that has made her the practitioner of choice for those seeking natural birth methods; neuromusucular therapies and supplements alternative to regular medicine.

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Dr Honeycutt is passionate about healing and bringing happiness to members of the community and this is evident in the manner in which she carefully studies her clients’ medical history to provide solutions that are suitable, life serving and cost effective. Since she has been trained in various modalities like emergency medical, neuromuscular therapy (LMBT), licensed Dula, Endermotherapy, Weight Lose and Strength Training and Personal Training, she can intervene efficiently in many health crisis situations along with natural birthing processes.This savvy practitioner takes her knowledge to the masses by participating in community programs as guest speaker on various health and wellness topics at different events. The Charlotte Community knows Doc Honeycutt as an enthusiastic community advocate who has given several addresses on issues pertaining to health, wellness, beauty and nutrition.

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 She also shares her extensive knowledge and experience through her TV Show, Life From Studio D.O.C. She produces and hosts this show as a way of giving bi-weekly support and advice to the community. Her sensitization messages are equally available on her radio show and podcast. Dr. Honeycutt is the author of seven publications on topics of health, wellness, motivation, mental health and nutrition which are on sale @www.lulu.com/spotlight/DocHoneycutt1213 Her current endeavor is a feature film titled Rude Gal Ryders, intended to give female riders a positive self image.

This huge scope of experience is supported by a strong educational background which includes a doctorate in Naturopathy (hons),and a BA in Holistic Nutrition and advanced studies at   Cornell University in the area of Health and Beauty Studies. To vamp up these degrees, Dr Honeycutt has numerous certifications like the American Naturopathic Certification Board, and the Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Endermotherapy Certification, Personal Training Certification and more.

Doc Honeycutt has a community advancement work approach, a friendly and humble demeanor that is endearing.Click the link below for more on her books and guest speaking. profile.www.lulu.com/spotlight/DocHoneycutt1213